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Economy Stuggles, So States Secure Borders With Casino Expansion

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States that have long been against casino gambling are now coming around to the idea. The change of heart comes mostly for a need to generate state revenue.

It is amazing to see how politicians who are completely on one side of an issue, can change their opinion in the blink of an eye. That is what is taking place with the issue of casino gambling in the United States.

More states are moving towards legalizing casino gambling. Their motivation? Keep people and their money inside their own states. Bordering states that have casinos have long had an impact on it’s neighbors economy.

Now that the economy is suffering so badly, states are moving towards legalizing casino gambling to keep people from spending their money in other states.

Oklahoma, for example, draws many people from Missouri, Texas, and Kansas. Other states also rely on taking people from their neighboring states by lure of gambling.

With states competing with each other for what few extra dollars are available, it is no wonder that more states and their politicians are waking up to the idea of expanding casino gambling.

Powerball Lottery Jackpot Expands To $230 Million

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Powerball is starting to approach jackpot numbers to amounts that Mega Millions put up last month. The Mega Millions had not been hit since January 1st of this year when it finally was hit in late February.

Powerball is now seeing the same kind of action. The new drawing, set for March 12th will be worth $230 million for a lucky winner, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery website.

That number seems inflated when taking into account that the jackpot starts at $15 million. It then grows for every drawing that there are no winners. The higher the amount gets, the quicker it climbs.

People that do not usually play the lottery get involved when the jackpot grows. It is almost as if winning $15 million is below their standards. In any event, the figure will approach $300 million should nobody win the March Wednesday drawing.

Three lucky gamblers did win a piece of the prize in the most recent drawing. They matched five of the numbers that were drawn and claimed $200,000 each.

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