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Donald Trump Weighs In On Business Side Of Casino Smoking Ban

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Donald Trump is no stranger to the limelight. he takes on important issues, and voices his opinion when he feels it necessary.

This is one of those times. Trump has come out publicly to voice his displeasure with the new smoking ban in Atlantic City casinos. The ban is not in place yet, but it might not be far off.

The City Council has unanimously voted to put in effect a full smoking ban for casino floors in Atlantic City. The final vote on the matter will take place in two weeks. Trump is unhappy with the Council’s decision.

“It’s a sad day for Atlantic City. It puts Atlantic City in a huge competitive disadvantage with casinos in other states,” said Trump, in an interview on Thursday.

He is completely against smoking. He even has served as a spokesman for public service announcements against smoking. He does, however, see the importance smoking has on an industry in which he is involved.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars will be lost in the future,” he said. The money is a major reason why he has come out against the ban. His casinos stand to lose revenue, and with Atlantic City casinos already on the decline, more revenue loss could be devastating.

Casino Cheating In Iowa Getting Tougher With New Gaming Training Lab

Casino gamblers that are sharp, or are just sick and tired of casinos taking their money, sometimes resort to cheating. the cheaters travel the country looking for casinos they can scam out of money.

Most times, it is too late by the time the casino realizes the patrons have been cheating. While most casinos have ways in place to spot cheaters, they are not a guaranteed remedy.

In Iowa, they want to make sure that there is no cheating going on in their casinos. They have now added the DCI Gaming Training Lab to the Department of Public Safety building in Des Moines, Iowa.

The lab is used for law enforcement officers to go and learn the new ways that people are trying to cheat at casinos. The tool has been implemented due to the large amount of officers that provide security at casinos within the state.

“There’s no question that professional cheats travel across the country and try to cheat casinos. That’s what we’re always on the lookout for,” said DPS Director, Gene Meyer.

It is not that officers from the state were not getting the training before. They would be sent to other states to take part in the training. Now, they can stay at home while they go through the training aimed at stopping casino cheaters.

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