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Eastern Europe’s Largest Gaming Company Looking To Expand

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The Russian government has made it clear that casino gambling will only take place in four regions outside of main cities. That decision has led to Ritzio entertainment Group to begin raising money that will be used to expand.

The company is already the largest gaming company in Eastern Europe. Now, they are planning to expand even further. they are preparing for expansion in Europe and Latin America.

Oleg Boiko controls the company, and he has made his intentions very clear. “Foreign gaming outlets are showing quite high sales growth and also high profitability,” said Boiko. The company is seeking $500 million to but casinos around the world.

Ritzio is based out of Cyprus, but has casinos all over already. They have 160 gaming clubs in Germany. Italy and Spain are both on the radar as potential locations for new casinos. They recently opened a slot hall in Serbia.

“All gaming companies are looking at Western and eastern Europe because they are not sure what will happen to the gaming business in Russia and what returns they may get from operations in one of the four zones,” said an analyst from ING Bank, Julia Gordeyeva.

American Idol Preview: Mercado, Archuleta, Cook Sing For Finals

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American Idol has once again traveled the country to try and find the most talented vocalists for their show. This week, there are only three of those finalists left, and they are singing tonight for two spots in the finale.

Next week, the two remaining finalists will go head to head to try and become the next American Idol. There will be a grand stage, and millions of people will be watching on television.

To get to that scenario, however, the contestants will have to one more time, put their vocals to the test on tonight’s semi-finals show. David Cook, David Archuleta, and Syesha Mercado, will be trying to impress not only the judges, but the millions that will vote at the end of the show.

Archuleta and Cook appear to have a clear path to the finals. They have been the favorites the whole season, and now with one more performance, should wrap up their head to head showdown.

Mercado is still the dark horse in the competition, but seems to survive every week. She has been in the bottom two almost every week, and has found a way to get enough votes to survive. She will need two extraordinary performances to hold off one of the two David’s.

The show will air live tonight on FOX at 8:00 P.M.

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